Training 101

Training Service


No two clients are the same and that's why we are dedicated to meeting your specific fitness and health objectives.

How do we do this? By listening to you and taking the time to understand what your fitness goals are.

We will also conduct a fitness evaluation during your first session to determine:

Body Composition

Current fitness level

Muscular strength and endurance

Cardiovascular endurance

Personal Training


      • Weight Loss and Body Transformation
      • Diet Related Diseases & Stress
      • Rehabilitation Conditioning
      • Sports Related Conditioning
      • Bodybuilding & Figure Contest
      • Wedding Package
      • Online Training Packages


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Training Tips



1. Fat loss tips - This article explain how to measure your body fat, determine your target heart rate, and how to burn fat.

2. Nutrition and the Body! - This article explain how your body uses protein, carbs, and fat. This article was featured in Focus magazine.

3. Sleep Or Not To Sleep - This article explain what happens when you sleep and it's relationship to training. This article was featured in Universal Matters magazine.

4. Extraordinary Back Training - The fundamentals of training the complete back. This article was featured in Ironman magazine.

5. Motivation - Our biggest challenge is to overcome self-defeating thoughts and to keep going.

6. How can training help during menopause?

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